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How to Get Jobs Online as a Virtual Professional

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Foundations of Digital Marketing (Traditional vs Digital Marketing)
Why People Put Up Businesses and Why They Need Virtual Professionals (like you)
What Online Gigs You'll Have as a Virtual Professional
What Are the Requirements You Need to Start
How and Where to Look for Online Jobs and Clients Online
What You Need to Do to Get Started
Is Online Jobs for Me?
...and so much more!

    Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

    Hi, I’m March Nacino. I’m a Digital Marketing Trainer and a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist under the International Institute of Digital Marketing. 

    I help Filipinos how to get online jobs even if you’re not techie at all.

    Recently I’ve been reading a lot of news that due to the pandemic, 7.3 million Filipinos lost their work. 

    Imagine if you lost your job, you lost your source of income. How will you feed your family? How will you pay your bills?

    I’m here to help.

    In this webinar, I'm going to reveal to you the steps I took, shortcuts, and best practices when starting online...

    ...so you won't have to leave your family ever again.

    After the webinar, you can take action right away.

    So if you're willing and ready to learn so you can start working online as a Virtual Professional, make sure you register today.

    Coach March is a big help for me. From being an eye-opener and a mentor for you to achieve your goals through the knowledge, experience, and support that he will give.

    - Tere Lopez